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How Does Physical Therapy Help the Elderly?

a physical therapist helps a senior woman with some exercises so she can experience physical therapy benefits

Unfortunately, bodies can present signs of deterioration that may cause discomfort. Senior physical therapy services are essential in helping seniors stay healthy and active as they age. Physical therapy benefits can help seniors stay active and improve physical functioning.

It helps to decrease physical pain, stiffness, and weakness that may be caused by physical conditions such as arthritis or other age-related diseases. Through physical therapy, elderly individuals can increase their strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and endurance.

At The Corrigan House, physical therapists work with elderly residents to design physical therapy programs for their individual needs. The health and well-being of our residents are our priority. Reach out to us today at 570.956.0463 to discover why physical therapy is so important, especially as people get older.

What Does Senior Physical Therapy Include?

Senior physical therapy programs focus on physical activities designed to help improve physical functioning and mobility. Physical therapy for seniors can include:

  • Exercises to increase physical strength and endurance
  • Balance exercises to improve balance and coordination
  • Postural alignment exercises to help with posture and reduce pain
  • Core stability exercises to improve core strength and stability
  • Stress relief techniques through physical activity, such as yoga or tai chi

Physical therapists at The Corrigan House offer physical therapy treatments tailored to each resident’s needs. Our physical therapists assess physical functioning and design individualized physical therapy programs to help improve physical comfort, strength, coordination, and balance. Depending on the resident’s needs, a physical therapist may also recommend orthopedic supports such as walkers or braces and lifestyle modifications like changes in diet or exercise habits. Physical therapy aims to improve mobility, reduce pain and inflammation, increase range of motion, build strength and endurance, and ultimately improve quality of life.

The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Seniors

The benefits of physical therapy for seniors are numerous. Regular physical activity helps reduce the risk of falls by improving balance and coordination. It also strengthens bones and muscles, which can help prevent osteoporosis-related fractures. Additionally, regular physical activity has been shown to reduce stress levels while increasing energy levels. This, in turn, can lead to better sleep patterns, positively affecting overall health. Finally, regular physical activity has been linked with improved brain function, which can be especially beneficial for seniors at risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s.

When Is a Good Time to Start Physical Therapy for a Senior?

The ideal time to start physical therapy for a senior is before any significant declines in mobility occur. Even if your elderly loved one isn’t experiencing any major issues yet, it’s still best to begin working with a qualified professional early on to stave off future problems before they become more severe. That said, it’s never too late to start working with a physical therapist, even if your elderly loved one has already begun experiencing some declines in mobility or strength due to age-related issues or chronic conditions like arthritis or diabetes. There are still steps that can be taken to maximize their quality of life and ensure they remain as independent as possible.

Learn More About Physical Therapy for Seniors at The Corrigan House

Physical therapy is significant in helping seniors maintain their independence and live fuller lives despite age-related issues or chronic conditions. Working with a qualified professional enables them to stretch and strengthen their muscles while reducing pain and inflammation, so they remain mobile longer into their golden years. There is no single “right” time to start physical therapy for a senior. However, the earlier you begin working with a professional, the better since this will give them the best chance at maintaining their independence over time.

If you have an elderly loved one who could benefit from physical therapy—don’t hesitate. Contact The Corrigan House at 570.956.0463 to learn more about our physical therapy services for seniors. Let us help you keep your loved one healthy and active.