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About Us

The Corrigan House

Care you can trust, comfort you'll feel.

About Us

The Corrigan House is a family-owned and operated personal care home with more than 20 years of experience, providing seniors with a place they’re happy to call home. We strive to provide a comfortable environment that meets each resident’s needs, including personal care and daily assistance. Our staff takes pride in building solid relationships with every resident, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all to enjoy.

At The Corrigan House, we understand the importance of finding a senior care home that meets physical needs and provides emotional support and companionship. That’s why we offer a variety of activities and events for our residents to participate in, along with personalized care plans. Our top priority is creating a nurturing and supportive environment for our residents and their loved ones.

We invite you to see why many families have chosen to make The Corrigan House their senior care home. Contact us at 570.956.0463 today to schedule a tour.

About The Corrigan House's Senior Care

Choosing senior care for yourself or a loved one can be challenging, but at The Corrigan House, we hope to make the decision as seamless as possible. Senior care doesn’t have to be something that is dreaded. It can be a time for growth and enjoyment in the later years of life. Our compassionate staff is dedicated to providing care, daily assistance, and emotional support to each resident.

Some benefits that our residents can expect at The Corrigan House are:

  • 24-hour personal care
  • A variety of events and activities
  • Customized care plans
  • Support for both physical and emotional needs

Also, at The Corrigan House, residents can expect to receive three home-cooked meals daily created from our family recipes. We understand the importance of maintaining a balanced and delicious diet for seniors.

About The Corrigan House's Senior Personal Care

The Corrigan House provides seniors with personal care tailored to their needs and preferences. We offer care in the following areas:

  • Dementia care
  • Palliative care
  • Respite care
  • Veterans care

A senior who needs personal care can expect assistance with daily tasks such as hygiene, medication management, and mobility. We will work with you or your loved one on establishing a personalized care plan that ensures the best quality of life possible.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every resident’s physical needs are met with the utmost care and respect. Senior personal care is vital to us at The Corrigan House, and creating a comfortable and supportive environment for our residents is significant. Our friendly and approachable staff are happy to answer any questions or address concerns about personal care. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Senior Therapy Care at The Corrigan House

Senior therapy care is crucial to ensuring our residents’ overall well-being. Our staff works with each resident to create care plans that address their therapy needs. We offer therapy programs in physical, speech, and occupational therapy. Our therapy programs are developed to improve residents’ mobility, communication, and daily functioning.

Additionally, therapy care prepares seniors for success and a higher quality of life. Our devoted staff is qualified to work with seniors in therapy care to improve their physical and cognitive abilities and provide support for any challenges they may face. Our senior therapy care, centrally located in the Allentown, Scranton, and Pocono areas, is personalized and effective, allowing for the best possible outcomes for our residents.

Be a Part of Our Family at The Corrigan House

For more than 20 years, we have been building a strong community at The Corrigan House. Our residents enjoy the comfort and support that comes with being part of our family-owned and operated personal care home. We believe what sets us apart the most from other senior care facilities is our family values. We prioritize building solid relationships with residents and their loved ones to create a supportive community for all.

The Corrigan House aims to give each resident a sense of home and belonging. We believe you or your loved one will feel at home with us. Thank you for considering The Corrigan House as your personal care choice. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a tour, please contact us at 570.956.0463.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into The Corrigan House family.