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Nutritional Counseling

The Corrigan House

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two seniors are cooking a nutritious meal together after learning healthy eating in their senior nutritional counseling

Sometimes, people get too busy or tired to care for themselves properly. This can cause poor health, which aggravates the difficulty of proper self-care. As a person ages, their body becomes less capable of bouncing back from this kind of wear and tear. That is why getting senior personal care services is a good option for ensuring that older adults take good care of their bodies through proper hygiene, exercise, and nutrition.

The Corrigan House is a senior living community that provides a wide variety of programs, services, and therapies that address its residents’ mental and physical well-being. We offer nutritional counseling and homemade meal preparation that can cater to every resident’s dietary needs and preferences. If you or your loved one would like to move to our personal care home in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, contact us at 570.956.0463 today to learn more about our personal care home and senior nutritional counseling.

What Is Senior Nutritional Counseling?

Throughout a person’s life, nutrition is key to optimal physical health. While the body is more resilient while it’s young, it becomes more prone to react to bad food choices as it ages. There are several reasons why the elderly may neglect their nutrition, a few of which are:

  • If they find themselves alone, like when a spouse dies, or they begin having trouble getting around due to difficulties with mobility
  • A loss of income decreases their financial capacity to buy nutritious food
  • A decline in their general health can make it harder for them to cook or feed themselves
  • Taking medications that can affect how food tastes, give them a dry mouth or decrease their appetite
  • A loss of their sense of smell or taste, which can negatively impact their appetite
  • Problems chewing or swallowing their food

While it is easy to neglect the quality of one’s nutrition, there are some severe effects of poor nutrition in seniors:

  • Reduced brain function, including problems with memory
  • Impaired muscle function, which negatively impacts mobility and flexibility
  • Decreased bone mass, increasing the risk of bone injuries and fractures
  • Anemia can cause dizziness or weakness and could eventually lead to heart problems
  • Slower recovery from illnesses or injuries, making it harder to resume everyday life

A registered dietician nutritionist gives nutritional counseling to ensure that someone’s dietary needs are adequately met. At The Corrigan House, our dietary specialists are experienced in the needs of our senior community. They work directly with residents to create meal plans that best suit each person’s specific needs.

Benefits of Nutrition Services for Seniors

When a dietician works with senior residents on their nutrition plan, there are many benefits aside from meeting their daily nutritional requirements. These benefits are:

  • Dieticians are experienced in creating meal plans that can not just manage existing health conditions but can help avoid health conditions from manifesting
  • Getting adequate nutrition can help boost mood and improve energy levels
  • Seniors who eat properly can experience a marked improvement in their cognitive abilities
  • Eating a balanced diet has been shown to improve the quality of sleep in seniors
  • Overall improvement in physical health, including weight management and heart health.

Apart from nutritional counseling, The Corrigan House also provides meal preparation services for each resident, regardless of their current level of physical health, to be able to follow a nutritious meal plan.

Get Senior Nutritional Services at The Corrigan House

Sometimes taking care of yourself can be difficult. This is even more true as someone approaches their senior years. The Corrigan House provides an extensive array of senior personal care services to help you or your loved one enjoy their golden years. Contact us at 570.956.0463 today to learn more about senior nutritional counseling and joining our community.